Testimonials & awards


My husband and I just left the farm after shopping. I couldn’t get there fast enough. We were “1st timers” last week. We enjoyed a scrumptious sirloin and it beat the Keg…Hobarts…Montana’s -Yes it was so good I’m naming names.
Thank you Traynor family from ours.

Lynne Hall

I Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your fresh corn.  I Bought some last week, and it is the best I have had in a long time. Burgers…well, I am not a meat person, but I enjoyed them.  My other half is looking forward to some more Beef Jerky and Sausage. 
We’re glad we found your place.
I was looking for beets, and your young staff offered to go pick them. I declined as it was way too hot that day. 
So, once again, thank you for the good food and good service.

Marg T.


I stopped by your farm about three weeks ago on Monday or Tuesday.  Greg explained about your beef and other products.  Well, I had a prime rib steak that tasted so great that I will never consider going back to supermarket beef.  The ground beef regular made a delicious meatloaf.  The pork back ribs tasted like real pork.  I haven’t tasted pork like this in some years.  It was so good!  And of course, I am the cook with 51 years experience! 
I just want to say that I am really glad that I did stop by.  I will be back again so and look forward to the seasonal vegetables with my dinners.

Thanks again,

Nancy S.

Good morning, Greg!
Thanks for the delivery via Tim…he’s great!!
All the best!
Sharon and Bob